Serving Louisville, Lexington, Cincinnati, and beyond, FliteAccess will fly you anywhere on the globe at a moment’s notice. Whether it be a holiday vacation, or an important business event that requires your presence, select from our wide variety of aircraft available for your mission.


If there’s one main reason to charter an aircraft, it’s time. The ability to exit your vehicle on a ramp, directly enter your aircraft, and be airborne minutes later, is only possible with private jets.


Go now, go anywhere, go fast. The power to break loose from the hassle of crowded airports, TSA lines, and delays, makes on-demand charter incredibly attractive.

Personalized Service

Need a different rental car? Orange peels with your mimosa? Or simply a schedule change? Our fully committed concierge team is there to serve you and to ensure your needs are met every step of the way.


Safety is our top-priority. Our impeccable record demonstrates our investment in infrastructure to ensure our pilots and aircraft are held to the highest standard possible. From frequent company audits to maintenance done at FAA certified repair stations, FliteAccess provides you with peace of mind that your aircraft and crew are of the finest selection.

Booking a private charter with FliteAccess is only a few steps away. You can reach us online, by phone, email, or in person. Expect the process to be seamless and efficient.

Flite Access has the capability to get you where you need to go, in comfort, and on time.

Ready to take Flite?