Aircraft Management

Enjoy the convenience, privacy, and productivity aircraft ownership brings without all the time- consuming hassle. As the primary purpose of acquiring an aircraft is to save time, FliteAccess is pleased to present multiple management options so you can get on with day-to-day tasks.

Services Include:

Turnkey Aircraft Management

  • FAA regulatory compliance.
  • Maintenance at FAA certified 145 Repair stations.
  • Crew training, payroll, and scheduling.
  • Trip planning and scheduling.
  • Accounting and financial management.
  • Hangar space.

Our experienced team oversees FAA regulatory compliance, maintenance, crew training, financial management, and much more. This solution is designed to meet your needs while allowing you to spend time on what matters most to you.

Charter Program

  • All the benefits of Turnkey Aircraft Management.
  • Generate revenue by letting us charter your aircraft.
  • Capitalize on tax advantages.
  • Enjoy extra savings by enrolling in fuel programs.

Lease your aircraft to our charter team and leverage the ability to offset the costs of ownership. This is the ideal program to maximize the benefits of owning an aircraft.

Tailored Approach

Because we understand that everyone’s mission is different, we can customize any program to your specific needs or financial objectives. Inquire today at or by calling our specialists at: (502)6398255.

Inquire today at info@fliteaccess or by calling our specialists at: +1(502)977-5207